Power-Tarot  software will give you answers on most personal questions!

With automatic reading service and tarot games: support for relationship issues, business and important decisions!


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Free evaluation: download here (2,7 MB) for Win 10 or earlier
The evaluation version of the program is free of charge, but its functionality is  limited: some readings are incomplete! You can run it so long you want it. The full version of Power-Tarot costs only 25 $!

Our Tarot Software contains several spreads of the Waite-Rider Tarot. You can load some other tarot decks as well.
The Cross spread is particularly suitable for less complicated questions.
The relationship game is meant particularly for the interpretation of the relationship between two people and is one of the most interesting components of our tarot software.
One can use The deciding match in our Tarot Software as a little help in case of doubt.
The  Gypsy Oracle spread in our tarot software has a marked playful character.
The Celtic cross is a well-known Tarot spread. It is especially applicable for very complex questions
In all spreads, except for the Cross spread, the Quintessence card is being determined. This card should give you an indication of how to deal with the matter of a particular question.

You can pay by PayPal. Please click above on the button buy now to perform the payment.

Further, in all countries of EU you can transfer the money easily by your bank. Send us a message if you want our bank details.

After paying the license fee you will receive your license by mail!!

Power-Tarot for Android you can get at Google Play!